Daniel Chen

  • As a kid from the 90s, I grew up along side the internet
  • Graduated from Texas A&M University with BS in biology
  • Worked as a react developer for 2 years

Growing up in a DIY household, I have explored many different domains such as home improvement, car maintenance, photography, videography, editing, dabbled with musical instrumentsi, and game development. I love learning from seeminly different fields because I believe it broadens my understanding of processes and helps me think outside the box. For example, there's a big overlap of the scientific method in science and the Lean UX cycle in the UX field.

I want to build solutions to every day problems. I believe the web is a sandbox which will allow me to do so in many different ways. Building products which people will use means to understand people's needs. I aim to improve the community's quality of life through user experience and web development.