April 16th, 2014 How I want out of this lifestyle

It actually probably isn't a surprise to people that I want to change my lifestyle. This including how antisocial I am, the lack of exercise, the job I have, and ultimately, I suppose, my overall satisfaction with life.

It has been a while, but tonight I finally decided to go back to one of the meetups I used to go. It was refreshing to see a group of people interested in javascript, or developers in general. In my day to day life I deal with science, but unfortunately reality has turned me off this field. However interesting it is, not being able to support survival is just not on my list of things to do.

Today I chatted with the organizers and members of HillCountryJS, and I must say, they ignited my interest in front end development. I had lost sight of what is important and was blinding pushing buttons, trying to get in. It is hard to be patient while worrying about what will come next in your life. Unfortunately that seems to be what I'll have to do. It is important to keep moving and not get stagnant. You can rest, but you can't stop. We'll see what happens in the next few months.

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