Installing Aseprite from GitHub

Installing Aseprite from source can be a pain, which is why the developer offers a paid prepackaged solution here. This is a tutorial for those who want to test new features and install it from source, and maybe provide feedback to the developer.

Update 2015-05-07: There's a GitHub release 22 days ago which compiles properly in Ubuntu 15.04 (have not tested in other distros). You can see it here Aseprite v1.1-beta2.

So during git checkout, use this stage:

cd aseprite && git checkout 849e40b0f950d5bb2519e42f1d9237d96c942c3d

Installing Aseprite from the Ubuntu 14.10 repository gives you a version which has issues. Instead, we'll install it from GitHub.

Install git and prerequisites if not available:

$ sudo apt-get install git cmake libx11-dev && sudo apt-get build-dep aseprite

Clone the Aseprite master repository and its dependencies:

$ git clone --recursive

Since the developer makes all his changes on the master branch, it can cause problems in linux therefore I chose a stage which contains fixes for linux compilation:

cd aseprite && git checkout 85c569b2f16acc8b0f927e04d0f59f6915b80a6e

Separate the compiled program into 'build' directory from the source code:

mkdir build && cd build

Specify generator to know what build it needs to make a makefile for, this will check available libraries on your computer:

cmake .. -G "Unix Makefiles"

Create makefile to build the software:

cmake .

compile it:

make install

That's it, now Aseprite will be installed under aseprite/build/bin/. Execute aseprite in that directory to open the program.

If you enjoy the software, please remember to support the developer David Capello @davidcapello by buying a license:


Official Aseprite GitHub install:

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