Ionic framework 2015-06-20~2015-07-xx


Songhop build:

Lynda's Ionic tutorial:



Angularjs Scope:

Angularjs Sharing data across controllers:

Autogrowing textarea height:


Getting data from a service to the controller in order for states to access them: Network error when emulating Android:

when running "ionic build android" it claims "java -version" failed, but when you type it out, it works. This however doesn't mean java JDK is installed. sudo apt-get install default-jdk can fix the problem.

Also, if your function fails when testing in browser, make sure it's not cordova related. Otherwise it might only work on device or emulation.

Cordova not letting you use geo:, tel:, or any external links?

Android Support:

Geo URI:

AngularJS structure:

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