Current Projects:

LibreFU: A Node, Express, and Multer based file uploader to be served by an HTTP server.

TXLF_ionic: A mobile hybrid app built with ionic framework for the Texas Linux Fest 2015 (TXLF). Will be providing a guide map and schedules. Also wish to have the ability to connect to the IRC channel for TXLF.

masonDtheme: masonD theme created for this blog. It uses LESS and Grunt to optimize CSS files. Layout is mostly handled with flex-box.

pychen: IRC bot written in python which scrapes TLDR Wikipedia for the latest post and finding definitions from among other silly functions.

meify: Python script to populate my dot files.

Projects I'd like to tackle when I have time:

Detective Wilson: Murder at the Penrose Mansion: 2D game about a don quixote-like detective, with a humble yet smart sidekick. You play as the sidekick, you find evidence and solve the crime, but only while hinting for Watson to figure out. Let him be the star. You tag along for the mysteries without the attention. When getting a new clue, you get deduction options, these can be changed later as clues are found. you click "confirm deduction" and if there's something amiss, the character would go "hm... something doesn't seem right" or comment on how a clue doesn't make sense.

wearable tophat: Raspberry Pi, screen on an arm from the tophat to eye level. battery inside tophat, solar panel on top. controlled by bluetooth keyboard/trackpad.

EZ Model Release: Easy to use model release form which saves the forms to Evernote or Google drive.

Myst: side scroll platformer. You are a silhuoette. nidhogg game style, but vector and a bit more stylized. Don't know what kind of story yet. As you solve puzzles and beat bosses you get a mask from them. These masks allow you to change shape, some to a bear, a bird, etc. Also, mist. Mist allows you to go through nets or pourous obstacles that a bird can't go through. Ambience style.

pyColorOp: Python color optimization through CIEDE2000. Inspired by @klamping. Using css-colorguard, a nodejs css color optimization tool, as reference.

Flow-Desk: Counterbalanced adjustable desk for laptop/desktop computers.

Black Sails: terraria or so style graphics. pirate game. you start as a wanna-be pirate, with a row boat, game is played by battles like faster than light encounters. you build up your ship or take over enemy ships, multiplayer include casual mode and open seas (hardcore mode, where you lose your ship if you are defeated). pixel piracy seem to have beat me to the game

Last updated in October 23, 2015