Daniel Luis Chen

Web developer focusing on accessibility and user experience. Designed and developed web-based system administrative services for military R&D, built professional conferences’ websites, and trained in progressive web apps. Currently seeking a position which will allow me to expand my knowledge in both technical and design skills.


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Babel
  • React.js
  • Gulp
  • Webpack
  • Git
  • Inferno.js
  • Python
  • Django
  • PostgreSQL/MySQL
  • Mobile first design
  • Offline first design
  • Progressive web apps
  • Linux


  • Good communication skills
  • Collaborative teamwork
  • Mentorship experience
  • Agile Development Process
  • Leadership experience


Bachelor of Science Texas A&M University
August 2006 - May 2010
College Station, Texas


Web Developer

Texas Linux Fest
June 2013 - June 2019
Austin, Texas

Texas Linux Fest is the first statewide annual community-run conference for Linux and open source software users first started in 2010. It averages 500 attendees every year.


  • Designed and developed the conference website to be responsive and functional
  • Used GIT to version control and collaborate with other developers
  • Created and modified vector images with Inkscape
  • Optimized images with Imagemagick and optipng
  • Wrote an Ionic framework app on Android to provide conference information. It had features such as making your own itinerary from the schedule


  • Provided a website for attendees to get the most up to date information about the conference

Organizer and Videographer

Hill Country JavaScript Meetup
May 2015 - March 2019
San Antonio, Texas

Hill Country JavaScript Meetup has over 400 members with 10 to 20 members attending the monthly meetings. The focus of the organization was to provide a platform for learning, inspiring, and socializing amongst the local talent.


  • Provided a platform for presentations, hangouts, and for people to ask questions

Team Lead / Web Developer

Mission UX
March 2018 - June 2018
San Antonio, Texas

Born from a local monthly UI/UX meetup of 800 members, Mission UX 2018 was the first community-driven UX conference in San Antonio led by 24 talented staff and volunteers within 4 months.


  • Met short deadlines and quality requirements by coordinating and leading weekly meetings for both the design and development teams
  • Assisted in establishing a goal and focusing the design team
  • Acted as liaison with team members and management
  • Converted design templates to a functional responsive website utilizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with a mobile first focus
  • Implemented social media metadata and SEO techniques to provide visibility to the website
  • Created BASH scripts to generate duotone, and optimize images


  • Successfully organized a UX conference for 150 attendees with a feedback rating of 4.26 out of 5
  • Successfully de-escalated and maintained morale between management and volunteers which led to finishing the design style guide and meeting deadlines

Software Developer

Def-Logix, Inc.
December 2015 - March 2018
San Antonio, Texas

Def-Logix, Inc. is a small to medium sized company established in 2008. It specializes in cyber security research and development through government contracts.


  • Designed REST API to communicate between a web server and UEFI
  • Developed web applications integrating Django and PostgreSQL as a back-end with React/Redux Front-End
  • Created python scripts analyzing resting data to report and restore compromised workstations
  • Used Taiga, a project management platform, to keep track of tasks and user stories during Agile development methodology
  • Wrote unit tests for Front-End JavaScript logic and Python scripts


  • Delivered a software solution to protect against bootloader malware which enabled the company to acquire a follow-up contract


Mobile Web Specialist - Google Scholarship Graduate
November 2018
Deep JavaScript Foundations
Kyle Simpson
The good parts of JavaScript and the Web
Douglas Crockford